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  • Minimalism in College

    By now, most people have heard or the term minimalism. This craze has taken over Pinterest and produced beautiful pictures of perfectly placed monochrome furniture and wardrobes as well as guides to de-clutter and throw or give away your oh-so-precious belongings. Minimalism can be applied to areas of your life in college including your dorm room, wardrobe, beauty, and mentality, among others.

    According to many TED talks and blog posts, minimalism is thrilling and empowering, allowing you to take control of your life.

    Benefits of minimalism:

    Dorm/Apartment: You will have less distraction in your living space as well as less clutter, which means less cleaning! People who adopted minimalism in their college days reported higher GPA’s when they began this lifestyle. Did I mention less cleaning?
    Wardrobe: A minimalist style wardrobe promotes getting ready faster, less energy put toward finding things and choosing from so many options, plus, you will save money! When you are not debating on whether your need another shade of brown boots, it will be easier to save time and money and have the mindset that you have enough to fulfill your needs. With this, you will also see the value of your items and which pieces of clothing mean something to you, like your sorority recruitment or event shirts.

    Mentally: you are able to allocate more of your mental energy to what matters: in this case, your school work. You will have a less cluttered mind, which will help you have clearer thoughts. Think of meditation and the benefits it brings when you are able to eliminate the unnecessary from your mind. You can imagine how this will help with your school, relationships, social life, and gratitude. You will begin to see the important things in life and without piles of physical and non physical things in the way; clarity is the only word I can think to describe this feeling.

    Beauty: Minimalism with your beauty routine, like other areas, promotes simplicity and pairs down the overwhelming feeling received when viewing the many products you were convinced that you absolutely must try - but ironically, you have not finished the tube of a single one of those products.
    How to do it:

    There is a continuum of levels of minimalism in every area, ranging from homelessness to getting rid of those pants you haven’t worn in five years. The good thing is that every level of minimalism can be beneficial to you and your amount of bravery in purging the unnecessary in your life.

    Dorm/Apartment: When applying minimalism to your dorm or apartment, there are tons of recourses giving you a guideline for how to begin decreasing clutter and promoting minimalism in your living space.

    Applying minimalism to your home can be done through searching for minimalist furniture, minimalist color schemes, minimal objects, or any creative form of minimalism that supports a more simplistic and clearer lifestyle for you. This can be used with studying, socializing and connecting, relaxing, or any focus you would like to keep in mind when thinking about what you would like your home to promote. This is an area that you can be completely creative in, in your process of minimizing and promoting the important things in your life.

    Wardrobe: One of the first things people think of when talking about minimalism is wardrobe.

    In a more extreme form, some have applied minimalism to their wardrobe by wearing the same thing every day.
    Another level of minimalism can be pairing down the number of options, colors, and styles.
    ‘You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits’ [Obama] said. ‘I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.’ He mentioned research that shows the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions. Read more: http://elitedaily.com/money/science-simplicity-successful-people-wear-thing-every-day/849141/

    In another example, there are many guides to paring down what you own in your wardrobe based on what you do not wear anymore. Here is an example of a guide to beginning minimalism in your wardrobe.

    Beauty: Limit your products and the toxins you are using. My minimalist skin care routine includes using S.W. Basics products, which contain 5 ingredients or less. The beauty of minimalism in beauty is that you can apply minimalism in any way imaginable. Whether that be using only one product such as coconut oil for everything, or having a hair or skin care routine that contains all natural products that have minimal ingredients. Other tips given by blogger, Alyssa Freitas (http://www.alyssajfreitas.com/search/label/Minimalism), include washing your hair no more than three times a week, air drying your hair, and choosing the right products for you. Identifying and choosing the right products for you, enables you to own and use less products while experiencing full benefits from solely using what you know works. In final, it is totally up to you! You can use minimalism in your beauty routine in an infinite number of ways and experiment with what works for you and helps you feel the most benefit.

    Mentality: meditation is a recommended form of mental minimalism. The way in which this can be considered minimalism is calming the mind and eliminating the unnecessary thoughts in that moment. This can be applied many things to promote calming the mind and mental minimalism such as breaks from social media, TV, distraction, or anything you can recognize in your life that creates the opposite of what you imagine minimalism to be in your life.

    A word on Worrying about school, finals, and life comes from a documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things. Joseph Goldstein: there is a certain amount of worrying that makes sense, and a certain amount that doesn’t- ask yourself a simple question: is this useful? There is a certain amount of worrying that is constructive anguish and there is just useless rumination that’s making you miserable.

    There are of course a ton more areas, ways, and approaches to take with minimalism and that’s the beauty of minimalism, you can take it and mold it to fit your life, while promoting what is important to you and allowing yourself to avoid being distracted of those values.

    “Love people and use things, because the opposite never works,” -Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

  • 8 Game Day Must Haves

    Fall has begun and that means football games, tailgating, and sporty fashion is here! Bring game day style to your sorority with these eight in-season must haves.

    1. Baseball Tee

    Custom Sorority Baseball Tee

    A cute baseball tee is always a good idea. Not only are they a classic in the baseball world, you can rep your letters while looking game day ready. Whether you’re at home cheering on your team or at an outing with your sisters, a custom sorority baseball tee will never strike out.

    1. Foam Fingers

    Custom Greek Foam Fingers

    Are you your sorority’s number one fan? Then obviously you need a foam finger to make sure everyone knows. The best part is, they are customizable to rep your school and or greek chapter.

    And have I mentioned they look cute in pictures?!

    1. Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth Speaker

    What’s getting ready with your sisters or tailgating without music? A wireless speaker is a necessity. Your phone effortlessly syncs up to the speaker. An additional thumbs up, a speaker that is waterproof, because we all know spilling on a speaker that isn’t waterproof is a downer.

    1. Jerseys

    Custom Basketball Jerseys For Greek Life

    Everybody knows that a custom greek jersey is a must have. Whether it’s a basketball, baseball or football jersey, it’s a necessity for any game day. The best part is, you can have your sorority logo and any cute design custom printed on the jersey. Game day just got a whole lot better.

    1. Two Button Shirts

    Custom Greek Baseball Shirts

    Okay, can I say obsessed? These two button shirts are a go to for game day and early morning class. This shirt is the best way to look like an athlete without having to get off of your couch or get all sweaty.

    1. Hats

    Sorority Hats

    Okay let’s be honest no one wants to stand in the blazing sun on game days. So why not pair your game day apparel with a cute hat. An excuse not to do my hair and still look cute… I’ll take two.

    1. A Go To Recipe

    Sweet Potato Bites For Game Day

    If you’re hosting friends for game day, nothing impresses more than your friends wondering how you could be Betty Crocker and maintain a 4.0. A go to recipe, such as sweet potato bites with avocado and bacon, is the secret to success.

    1. Cold Gear

    Custom Sweatshirts & Hoodies

    For cooler nights, a sweater that reps your college is the perfect layer. Don’t get caught trying to stay warm and covering your team colors. A true fan reps through rain or sunshine.

    Written by Explosion Sportswear Guest Blogger, Greek Ambassador & Intern, Jesika Sanchez

  • 5 Things Not to Wear to a Haunted House

    With Halloween around the corner, haunted houses are in full swing. Apparel is, of course, the first thing to consider when a haunted house is on the agenda. The apparel experts of Explosion Sportswear offered sound advice to make sure your haunted house experience goes without a hitch.

    Scared At Haunted House

    1. Sandals

    When that clown pops out you will want your best running shoes on. Don’t be that girl with the broken flip-flop. Save yourself the scare and fashion mishap by wearing your best tennis shoes plus they go perfectly with skinny jeans, a scarf and messy bun.

    Shoes For A Haunted House

    2. White

    The last thing you want is mascara or foundation running onto your shirt (or your date’s) when you secretly shed a tear. Plus let’s be honest, I know I am not the only one that has contemplated pulling the fire alarm in order to escape.

    SpongeBob Haunted House Meme

    But don’t you worry there are so many color options this fall; you’re not missing anything by ditching your go-to white top. There are many stylish options this fall including flannels, denim jackets and dark clothing. I know we all have a flannel or two…or maybe 50 lying in our closet and let’s be real, I know we all have one too many black shirts.

    The one black shirt - Courtesy of buzzfeed.com

    Bonus: Explosion Sportswear can personalize flannel and denim with your own custom artwork.

    Custom Denim Jacket

    3. Purse

    I advise you to leave your purse at home so you don’t have the urge to swing it like EJ from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Although, if you were swinging a Birkin, I may let you hit me with it.

    Swinging Purse

    To be on the safe side, ditch your mom purse at home and bring your neon fanny pack instead. Save yourself the clutter and chance of dropping your purse in the middle of a haunted house; I don't know about you, but I sure as heck will not be going back for it.

    Neon Fanny Packs For Bid Day

    4. Loose Clothing

    Exhibit A:

    Loose Clothing For Haunted House

    Exhibit B:

    Don't Wear Loose Clothes To A Haunted House

    Extreme times call for extreme measures and loose clothing is a no-go. While you’re running away from those monsters don’t let them grab you by your baggy clothing. Instead opt for an aerodynamic Lululemon jacket and leave your friends in the dust. It’s all about the survival of the fittest, am I right?

    lulelemon jacket

    5. Jewelry

    Jewelry, just like loose clothing is an absolute no! Dangling necklaces and bracelets are only giving you more of a chance of getting caught. Plus no one wants to hear the clanking of your bracelets so leave your pretty jewels at home. Better to be safe than sorry.

    An alternative is the tattoo jewelry trend or sometimes known as flash tattoos.

    Flash Tattoos
    Additional items voted for by the Explosion Sportswear staff are high heels, to avoid the 100% possibility that you will fall, brass knuckles, due to the apparent violent reflexes of our national account manager, and children, to avoid early traumatization.

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